MANBA SW777 LED Switch Joycons (Black)

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【Adjustable Joystick Sensitivity】: slide the pulley next to the led switch joycon stick to adjust the joystick sensitivity, slide down to increase the sensitivity, slide up to decrease the sensitivity. Lets you aim, move and execute commands more easily.

【High Compatibility & Plug and Play】: Compatible with switch and switch oled, plug and play connection. Note: The switch must be turned on in the settings: "Pro Controller Wired Communication". The Japanese version adapter does not support charging while playing.

【Turbo Function & Adjustable Vibration】: Our all-in-one joycon is equipped with Turbo Function and Adjustable Vibration, giving you full control over the attack pattern and intensity of feedback while gaming.

【Colorful Lights & 6-Axis Gyro】: The lights on the MANBA switch joycon can choose your favorite color. The 6-axis gyro on the joy con provides a more immersive gaming experience by detecting movement and tilt in all directions,

【After-Sales Service】: If you have any problems, such as your switch joycons controller cannot connect to your console or buttons cannot be used, please feel free to contact us.
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