MANBA Joycon Wrist Strap for Nintendo Switch Joycon

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  • Adjustable StrapsJoycon straps specially designed for Switch players. Players can adjust the tightness of the strap when using the joy-con strap.
  • EASY TO USE: The MANBA strap makes it easy to press the SL/SR button and view the LED indicators, no need to flip the switch joycon.
  • Automatic locking buckleMANBA joycon strap is equipped with automatic locking buckle, players do not need manual locking when using joy con strap.
  • Clearly marked"+" and "-" are clearly marked on the front and back of the Joycon Wrist Strap for easy left and right identification.
  • NoteWhen installing the joycon strap, slide it from bottom to top along the switch joy-con rail, and the buckle will automatically lock.