We are excited to announce that pre-ordered Manba One controllers have started shipping! To thank you for your support and patience, we will arrange the shipments as soon as possible to ensure you receive your controller promptly.

The Manba One controller is a high-performance controller designed for gamers, featuring a unique full-color interactive screen that can achieve various custom functions without the need for an app or program. Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual player, the Manba One controller will provide you with an excellent gaming experience.

If you have pre-ordered the Manba One controller, please keep an eye on your email as we will notify you of the shipping information via email. If you have not yet pre-ordered, now is a great opportunity! Let the Manba One controller be the perfect companion for your gaming journey.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience! We hope you enjoy the gaming fun brought by the Manba One controller.

Best wishes!

Manba Team

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